Saturday Outreach Program: Reflection Sarnelli Center For Street Children- January 28, 2012

What happened on January 28, 2012 was something unexpected. I thought I’d be wasting a Saturday morning doing something I would find boring and a complete waste of time. Apparently, it was something completely different. I found myself appreciating everything I had and seeing how fortunate I truly am. Not only did I appreciate the blessings the Lord has given me, I also realized how it is possible to be happy in unfortunate situations and simple living.

The children at the Sarnelli Center for Street Children truly taught me valuable lessons in life. I learned three lessons from them:

1.) I learned that never say no to an experience before trying it out first. The day I woke up that Saturday morning, I can honestly say that I was only looking forward to seeing my friends. I wasn’t looking forward to actually seeing or doing anything with the children but I saw that they would assign a kid to a student and they would be the kuya for a day. A kid named Carlito was assigned to me and he was around 8 years old. I got to teach him football and care for him like a brother. I couldn’t imagine how much fun it was carrying him around and treating him like a brother. I didn’t realize that how much I would be missing if I didn’t attend this Saturday Outreach Program. The experiences and memories I gained on that Saturday are something I will cherish and it would suck if I never got to go and miss this chance.

2.) Be happy for what you have, other people may have it worse than you. These kids at the Center for Street Children don’t live a life filled with luxury. And it wasn’t their decision to live like this. They don’t have cellphones, laptops, rooms with air-conditioning units, or their own TV’s. I’m blessed for what I have and I realize I have to be content with it. I may complain sometimes about how I don’t have the latest phone or the money to get things that I want but some people don’t even have the things I have right now. I may experience tough times with homework and girls but these children have far worse experiences than me. So the next time I rant, I tell myself that I should be happy for what I have because other people may have it worse than me.

3.) Even in times of hardships, it is possible to be happy. During the duration of our stay at the Sarnelli Center, we played different games and I could see the smile on their faces. I could see that they were so resilient and carefree even in the situation they were in. I saw that even if we aren’t that fortunate in life, it is possible to be happy. Be happy for the memories and experiences you have in life and not the material things. Material things come and go but it’s the memories and experiences that truly stay with us.

These three lessons I learned from the children at the Sarnelli Center are very important in getting through life. These lessons keep me going and it inspires me to thank God for every little thing I have. It may not be all the things I want but it what God wants for me. I am very lucky and blessed to be given a good education and a loving family and I am truly humbled by my experiences during the Saturday Outreach Program at the Sarnelli Center for Street Children.

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