Saturday Outreach Program: Barangay Uno, Payatas – February 6, 2012

On Monday, February 6, I woke up around 6 am to go to my friend’s house. Once I got there, we waited for our other friends and left for Payatas. From my first experience during the Saturday Outreach Program in Sarnelli Center for the Street Children, I was excited on how this was going to be.

Once we got to Payatas, we got off the car and went to the chapel to be assigned to the families. I was assigned to Ate Lourdes. She had 3 children, 1 daughter who had a part-time job as a sales lady at a hardware store, and 2 sons. The youngest son was 16 and went to the local high school and the eldest was a college student.

During my stay at Payatas, I hung out with Ate Lourdes’ 16 year old son. I could relate to him very much. He said he liked to play computer games during his free time and school was important to him and so was socializing. I could see a lot of myself in him. He made my stay there a very comfortable and fun time. His mother made me feel at home. She cooked and we talked.

They don’t have much in their household but they’re happy for what they have. They see the joys in life instead of the material things. Ate Lourdes’ husband seems really happy when he’s around his friends and I can see a lot of my dad in him. My dad appreciates the simple life and doesn’t really need riches in his life.

I’d thank God for another experience like this for it was truly humbling. Not only was it humbling but it was also amazing that I was able to relate to the family I was assigned to. I feel that being able to relate to the poor and seeing how we are similar to them helps me see that being happy in life is not all about how much money you have or the TVs or the computers.

Happiness in life is about your friends, your memories, and experiences. This is what it’s all about. You can’t find happiness in money. Money can bring suffering too. I realized that I should be happy to be given the chance to experience this outreach program and be a part of it.

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