Blog Entry #1: Learning With a Technological Twist

Remember when the ordinary classroom environment was notebooks, papers, pens, and pencils? Now, it’s projectors, screens, laptops, USBs, mouses and all the other electronic stuff. Sounds great doesn’t it? Not exactly. It has it’s ups and downs, yes, but how has it changed the classroom environment from the paper and pencil to the laptops?

Nowadays, when my english teacher will ask us to write a composition, we would not be bringing out our pens and one whole sheet of paper, we bring out the Macs and mouses. Instead of running out of ink, you don’t. Instead of using an eraser or correction fluid, erasing is just a click away. You see, these are the changes that we have encountered due to the upgrading of our class environment. The method of learning has changed for us, we have more resources then ever. We can find videos, blogs and websites just for the topic we are learning on. Due to this drastic change, our learning environment has become more personal.

All these things that I have mentioned may sound good but it also has it’s disadvantages. The internet not only has learning resources but it also has inappropriate material that need not to be used in a learning environment. This problem is already being prevented in classes. Yes, preventing it may lessen the problem but does it permanently solve the problem? No. This is something the school is trying to change at the moment. They are trying to lessen the distractions and stop them from interrupting the students from learning.

Distractions may come and go at times but change is constant. In the future, we will encounter changes. Changes in the system of learning. Most probably, new rules and regulations will come since later on the school will already have enough experience needed to see what else it needs to make this program a more educational experience.

It may not be clear to us the changes that may come in the future, but either way, we still need to be prepared. This new one-2-one learning program is just beginning and we are still experimenting on it. It may succeed… or fail, but that’s life. Our failure just needs to be added to experience and we can use it in the future to change the next outcome.

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