QuickWrite: Red-handed

I didn’t really or haven’t done anything gallivanting or mischievous that I can remember. I do, on the other hand, remember catching some of my batchmates bullying a friend of mine. I was walking down the grade 5 corridor and I find four of my batchmates bullying my friend. I saw them taking the envelopes out of his bag and throwing it onto the ground. I ran to the nearest teacher possible, who was the guidance counselor, since their office is right at the end of the hallway. Once I got to her, I explained exactly what was happening. She briskly walked out the door and I led her to the four boys. She caught them red-handed. She scolded them and punished them with detention and she comforted my friend who’s eyes were red due to his crying. He was okay after the scene had ended. I was glad at that moment because I knew I did the right thing.

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